Smith Island Baking Co.

Authentic Smith Island Cakes

Larger Cakes (Serves ~16)

The Smith Island Baking Company was founded in 2009, but it was founded on a two hundred year old heritage. Our stated mission is to help Smith Islanders share their unique treasures with dessert lovers everywhere. Smith Island is one of a kind, located in the heart of Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay.

Founded in the 1608 by Henry Smith, a relative of John Smith, it remains Maryland’s only inhabited offshore island ground. It’s a special place, where neighbors still have a sense of community. Our traditions are strong, and vibrant, and Smith Islanders have an unmatched love for each other that comes alive in everything we do. Our communities and traditions are what bind us together. Ever since the 1800’s, Smith Island Cakes have been a symbol of fellowship and community.

Every year, when the watermen would go out for the annual oyster harvest, their wives would send Smith Island Cakes to help them feel together, even when they were apart. And when the men would safely return, Smith Islanders would cap off their community feats with more Smith Island Cakes.

Through the centuries, the Smith Island Cake has come to symbolize celebration, whether celebrating while together or celebrating while apart. For the last few hundred years, since the 1800's, the Smith Island Cake has been the symbol of community and togetherness. And we are taking that sense of togetherness, and community to the world. When the men would leave for the autumn oyster harvest, they would have our traditional cakes with them so they would know the families they had left behind loved them, miss them, and were praying for a speedy and safe return.

They were made from scratch then, and they're made from scratch now. Order a birthday cake online and experience our own brand of great taste, honest ingredients, and togetherness that never go out of style. Our traditional cakes are the perfect end to any celebration, or the perfect excuse to get together. Big enough for a crowd and always unconditionally guaranteed.

Our customers appreciate that there are still companies with their values. We make our products from scratch, package them beautifully, and ship them with our unconditional guarantee. We know the cake will be just as beautiful when it arrives as it was when we baked it, guaranteed.