How will my cake arrive?

Your cake is guaranteed to arrive frozen via UPS and in perfect condition. Please remove from the foam shipper and store the cake in your freezer in its original packaging until you are ready to thaw and enjoy.

Cake storage - Pre-Celebration:

Your cake should be stored frozen until you are ready to thaw and enjoy. Do not refrigerate, as it will dry out your cake.

Cake storage - Post-Celebration:

Should you have any leftovers after your celebration, the cake can be stored for several days. Chocolate fudge frosted cakes or coconut cakes may be stored under a cake dome at room temperature. Our other cakes can be wrapped well before storing in a refrigerator.

All of our cakes should be kept in an air-tight container, such as a cake dome.

In these conditions, we find our cakes to maintain freshness for several days days.

Our cakes freeze and refreeze wonderfully. If you don't plan to enjoy your leftovers right away, wrap them well and store them in your freezer.

How long does it take to thaw a cake?

To thaw the cakes, unwrap, cover, and allow 4 hours for the cake to reach room temperature.

How far in advance should I order my cake?

As we have date-specific shipping, you may select a day in the future for delivery. We also offer same-day shipping for last minute orders.

We always suggest ordering as far in advance as possible, and we recommend scheduling delivery a day or two prior to your event.

What is our guarantee?

We consider our customers to be family, and it is our honor to serve you. Every cake is made from scratch, and always unconditionally guaranteed to arrive on time, and in perfect condition.

If the cake does not arrive on time, or in perfect condition, we will be happy to ship a replacement.

What if you mistakenly ship your order on the wrong date, or you select the wrong product, or you ship to the wrong address?

If the mistake is on us, we unconditionally guarantee your experience and will provide a replacement or a refund. If you made the mistake, we offer a 40% discount on a replacement product.