Old Bay Smith Island Cake

It's a Maryland thing

Marylanders hold a sense of pride for all things Maryland. Two of which are Old Bay Seasoning and Smith Island Cake. We've seen Old Bay seasoning make a cameo appearance in all sorts of products from hot sauce to potato chips. But, Smith Island Cake? Is that a bay bridge too far, or could this possibly be a delicous match made in heaven. Well, let's delve in to why this pairing of Old Bay with a Buttercream Smith Island Cake works so well.

Sweet and Savory

Old Bay seasoning is a blend of savory spices like celery salt, paprika, and black pepper. The celery salt adds a subtle saltiness to the frosting, while the paprika and other spices bring in a slightly spicy and smoky flavor. These flavors enhance the richness of the buttercream frosting, creating a more complex and interesting flavor profile, which can make it taste even more indulgent and satisfying. The spice blend in the Old Bay adds a depth of flavor that's not usually found in typical vanilla buttercream frosting.

Appealing Presentation

In addition to the flavor, the spices in Old Bay seasoning adds a beautiful color to the frosting, creating a unique and visually appealing dessert. The seasoning also gives the frosting a slightly speckled appearance, adding a rustic and homey feel to the cake.

Overall, Old Bay seasoning adds a unique and unexpected flavor to vanilla buttercream frosting, making it a fun and creative Smith Island Cake flavor. Are you willing to give it a try? Order our Old Bay Buttercream Smith Island Cake today. Or, you can try it as part of a Smith Island Cake Sampler.

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