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Order a Birthday Cake-Sensational Ways to Give It that Something Extra

Posted by Joy Murphy on December 22, 2013 in Industry News

Everybody deserves a cake on their birthday-even the Pope! The Huffington Post revealed that a special cake can make just about anyone happy.

“Pope Francis has received a candle-topped birthday cake three days early - a surprise from children at the Vatican.

The pontiff turns 77 on Tuesday. The children presented the treat on Saturday after the pope visited a Vatican dispensary which provides pediatric care.

Francis blew out the candles, thanked the youngsters for the cake and promised: "I'll tell you later if it's good or not." ”

Anyone who has planned a birthday party will agree that many details can be overlooked when planning the perfect party. If you’re in the process of planning, remember that the cake is a main attraction for any party, so don’t forget to order a birthday cake!

If you believe you already have the perfect birthday cake idea in mind, think again. With cakes becoming more elaborate these days to impress partygoers, you’ll have to think outside of the cake box in order to make the delicious dessert memorable. Here are a few tips to make a birthday cake extra special:

Personalize the message

The usual birthday greetings are still acceptable, but try to write something fresh. Your message could be inspirational, like “May the best of your past be the worst of your future,” or a reference to the celebrant’s favorite artist, like “Long may you run,” which refers to a Neil Young song.

Choose a non-traditional color

If you believe the party can use something other than the usual colored cake, take a bolder move and go against the flow. Try brighter colors or even pastel colors if you want. Red, yellow, and purple are bright and happy choices.

Create your own cake topper

There are plenty of cute and fun cake toppers available, but creating your own can make the cake truly stand out because what you will put on top of it is something that only you will have.

Birthday cakes are meant to be special, and with these tips your cake will receive the attention it deserves. For the best birthday cakes, be sure to order your birthday cake online from reliable cake makers like The Smith Island Baking Co.

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(Article Information and Image from Pope Francis Gets Birthday Cake From Kids 3 Days Early, Huffington Post, Dec. 14, 2013)