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What are our customers saying about our Smith Island Cakes?

I ordered the original large chocolate cake from you last week and had it delivered yesterday. We cut it this morning at a retirement party. It was a HUGE hit! Awesome!

- Windsor, North Carolina

Your Caramel Cream cake is the cake I've been searching for and didn't know. I've had three different cakes I thought they were good. Even purchase one of them several times. No more. Just LOVE your cake. It's the best I ever had. When I talk cakes, I'm a foodie, your is at the top of my list. Thanks so much for making the sinful delight.

- Washington, District of Columbia

Just want to let you know that this was one of the best cakes we have ever had!! Our family favorite has always been the chocolate with chocolate, but ordered the caramel cream because it was for my mom's birthday and yellow cake with caramel icing is her favorite. It was spectacular! And may make future orders hard to pick between chocolate and caramel! Thank you for such a wonderful product. They just get better and better. And if, amazingly, there is any left after the first serving for party or just dessert, these cakes last and stay moist for days (guess that was the whole point originally for sending out on fishing boats!). They actually get better the next day after initial defrosting. :)

- Poolesville, Maryland

Can I just tell you… The strawberry cake arrived in enough time for us to celebrate <recipient's name's> birthday. It was so amazing and I'm sure you will now get more orders down the road. Thank you for your customer service.

- Easton, Maryland

Just wanted to tell you that the lemon cream cake you sent yesterday was a huge hit at a Maryland-themed party we attended last night. It was the best lemon cake I've ever had, just scrumptious! Oh, how I'm regretting not taking a slice home with me!

Coincidentally, the hostess had also ordered a Smith Island Cake for the party - the original flavor - so I was so happy I had ordered the lemon. The original was wonderful too. Both cakes wowed (and satisfied) the masses!

Thanks so much for producing such wonderful cakes! Can't wait for an excuse to reorder!

- Damascus, Maryland

Mr. Murphy,
You wanted to know if that cake was perfect when it arrived? Well it was beyond perfect, it was Ideal. The simple fact is that I will judge every cake against the Smith Island Original for the rest of my days. Yellow cake and chocolate icing is my favorite cake, so simple and yet so very hard to find a good one. Until now, this cake is what dreams are made of, I think I saw stars when I took the first mouthful. I can promise you this, no matter where I am, I will be ordering this cake for birthdays, holidays and whenever I just want some Ideal cake. And anytime the word cake is mentioned, I will bring up your company name and ensure that no substitutes are accepted. Thank you for your outstanding customer service, and thank you for producing such an Ideal product,
Warm regards as well,

- Bristow, Virginia

Thank you! I got your voicemail with the tracking number. Smith Island Baking Co. has the BEST Customer Service on the planet! I appreciate all you have done to help my friend get this surprise birthday cake and ice cream. I will definitely be ordering more for my friends and family.

- Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

I just wanted to say how pleased we were with the cakes (Original Chocolate & Pumpkin Spice). They were the "must have" cakes at a fall wedding last weekend at a beautiful farm, Shared Plough, in Lithonia, GA. At the request of the couple, there was a "cake bar" (instead of a traditional wedding cake) set up for guests to sample 8 different kinds of cakes. These two were the 'top winners', beating out other local bakeries by far! I have been buying from here for years, so I was not at all surprised! Cheers! (AND I am about to order another Pumpkin Spice for a Thanksgiving Brunch at Shared Plough too!)

- Lithonia, GA

Not an inquiry just a note of thanks!! My cousin in Western MD loved her surprise birthday package! She attested that it arrived perfectly frozen, including the ice cream! Thank you for making this a long distance special birthday gift to someone who dies so much for so many! God bless all of you at SIBC for the work you do.
And did I say it was so yummy! At least I hear it's so. I'll be ordering my own soon!

- Dundalk, Maryland

She absolutely ADORED the cake...said it is the best cake she has EVER had, and, as a wedding photographer, she's eaten a lot of cake! She said you are her new favorite bakery!!

- Newark, Delaware

Your cakes are wonderful but I think the coconut is my favorite. Of spending time in Hawaii for the past 35 years, never have I had a coconut cake that is as good as this. Thanks again… Wonderful customer service. You have a definite customer in me…

- Rancho Mirage, California

Hey! That is the best cake EVER!!! Absolutely DEVINE!!! And it came in the most precious container ever. YOU are awesome! Thanks so much!

- Shreveport, LA

Just wanted you to know that your cakes won RAVE reviews at our party last night. I don't doubt that you have heard that thousands of times before. You undoubtedly will receive many orders from Topeka, Kansas quite soon. The packaging was done so well. Your customer service is equal to your magnificent cakes! Looking forward to working again with you. Happy Holidays.

- Topeka, Kansas

I have been sending my friend & CPA a cake every year since 1986. Here what he has to say about your cake: "Best cake ever!! Enjoy the holidays.

- Sandy, Utah

Just had to tell you how much we are enjoying our chocolate/peanut butter cake! It is one of the best cakes I've ever tasted. Will be ordering more for other occasions. This one was for our anniversary. Thanks!

- Clarence, NY

I wanted to let you know that your cakes were a HUGE hit with all of our clients! The responses we've gotten have been simply fantastic. They were so well received that I'm thinking about sending them to prospective clients as part of a highly-targeted marketing campaign.

- President of an Inc. 500 Company

My book club met last night and the Smith Island Cake was definitely the hit. It thawed perfectly and couldn't have been better.

-Silver Spring, MD

The cake is the best I have ever eaten. My guests from Norway just love it.

-Ellicott City, MD

I just want to let you know that we really loved the Red Velvet cake. We decided to try this flavor after also liking the Lemon Cream cake. Both cakes were delicious, moist, and just-perfect sweetness... [The Cake] was in perfect condition and perfect to eat 2 days later. I just ordered another Red Velvet cake today for my sister in Baltimore for her Sept 1 birthday. I'm sure they'll love it too!

-Bethesda, MD

I just wanted to tell you that the cake was a HUGE hit! No one at my party had ever had one. My future son in law has chosen this cake for his wedding cake; that's how well it went over! Thanks again.

-Havre De Grace, MD

I ordered a cake to be delivered to my daughter's office for her birthday. She received it right on time and emailed me to say that "IT IS DELICIOUS!" I received great customer service from your company and I am thrilled that your product has lived up to your reputation!! I plan on ordering from you again in the future.

-York Haven, PA

I love your company and service.
The cake made my mother so HAPPY when I sent it in October -"Chemo goes better with cake!"
I know she will be thrilled to share this one with her husband, grandchildren and friends.
I could send flowers - but they aren't as much fun!

-Richmond, VA

Our clients love your cakes. We had one at home a few weeks ago and my daughter specifically requested your red velvet cake for her 11th birthday. The highest compliment!
Thanks for helping my daughter celebrate her birthday in style!

-a Morgan Stanly Smith Barney Senior Vice President

I just wanted to send a quick note saying your cake was a HIT. The Knicks came over for dinner Sunday night and they loved the cake... your cake made a great NY debut.

-New York, NY

Just wanted to let you know we received your cake on Saturday as promised. I have been talking about the cake all week. It is the best purchased cake I have ever tasted in my 61 years. (I have been to many functions and we have 2 caterers in the family so that's saying a lot.) We ordered it for our son's 32nd birthday. I have passed on your email to all my contacts. Love the story about the island and how your business began. So glad that I received the groupon where I had an opportunity to hear about you. Will absolutely be ordering more cakes in the future.

-Wilmington, DE

I wanted to write you to tell you the cakes were delicious. I added fresh raspberries to the top on the chocolate one and made it a big hit. I will buy your cakes again they were delicious! YUM!!

-Ocean City, MD

I just wanted to let you know that we have just received the cake (with the dry ice), and it is in great condition. We greatly appreciate your company's customer service and will be sure to recommend Smith Island Baking Company to our friends and family. Thanks again for your attentiveness.

-Miami, FL

The best cake I have ever had - ever!

-Charlottesville, VA

Your two cakes absolutely were the number one favorite food in the Hospitality Suite...and that was a suite chock full of New Orleans food!!! I'll send you a picture, but in the end, there was not one bite left of either cake....everyone attacked them and enjoyed every single sinful delicious bite!

-New Orleans, LA

I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful cakes you sent to us. The Holy Redeemer 4th grade “Maryland Day” was a smashing success, and the number one booth at the event was the one with the Smith Island Cake!! All of the kids, and the parent volunteers, absolutely loved the cake, and I told everyone how great you were to work with, and asked several of the kids if they'd like that kind for their birthday. They all said yes and I told them to tell their mom’s to call Smith Island Baking Company!! I will be ordering my daughter's birthday cake from you in August, so I look forward to speaking with you again soon!

-Kensington, MD

Just a note to let you know that the Double Chocolate Raspberry filled cake was delicious! In fact, we can't wait to have the next one (since I got 2) next week! Thank you again - I look forward to trying some of the others!!

-Baltimore, MD

The fashion show was a success. Thanks. The cakes were a big hit. Thanks for everything.

-Severna Park, MD

Let me first say we LOVE LOVE LOVE the Smith Island Cakes. We had our first a little over a year ago because our school did a 'Study Maryland' unit and the teachers arranged to purchase Smith Island cakes for the kids to to sample. Since then we have ordered twice ourselves for birthday parties... Just wanted to give some feedback from Montgomery County. I hope more folks find out how good and special the Smith Island Cakes are.

-satisfied customer

The cakes were great. Everyone enjoyed them and they were a big hit. Thanks again for dropping them off. We used the Red Velvet cake as a birthday cake on Friday and had the traditional cake on Sunday after supper. Both were just great. So thanks again.

-Oxford, MD

Your cakes came up in a conversation I had with my son this morning. He wants one every single birthday for the rest of his life, and as his mother I am happy to oblige!

-satisfied customer

The cake was absolutely delicious! Thank you.

-Woodland Park, NJ

Along with our guests, we continue to enjoy the cakes tremendously, particularly the original recipe. In fact our 10 year old specifically requested this cake for his birthday since the last cake was so popular with guests we all got nothing more than a thin slice each!

-Royal Oak, MD

We have enjoyed one of the two cakes we received almost two weeks ago. It was a hit! I still have one in my freezer, I'll take advantage of a sale again sometime in the future. Do you usually send the pretty cake tin with all your orders? It's really cute. The cake is delicious.

-Abingdon, VA

I get the impression Smith Island Baking Co. is a great company because of great people, very attentive to customer concerns, I really appreciate it - I need to visit Smith Island.

Baltimore, MD

The order arrived in great condition and the guests at the rehearsal dinner loved it. Thank you.

-satisfied customer

Thank you for opening up your store to me and my boyfriend over the Easter holiday. The cakes were delicious. We are looking forward to ordering one of your speciality cakes in the future. Thank you again.

-satisfied customer

The lemon is to die for!!!!!

-Baltimore, MD

I just received a chocolate peanut butter cake that I bought through Neiman Marcus. The cake arrived in perfect condition, so I felt I had to comment on the beautiful packaging, including the lovely storage tin and the triple wrap protection. I served the cake for dessert at a special dinner, and everyone loved it! It was really wonderful. Thank you for providing such a wonderful product.

-satisfied customer